Sunday, 21 July 2013

Is Your Online Dating Personals Profile Working For You?

Finding love online? Probably a good call. All of a sudden you reached the point where it's time to make the online dating personals profile. A small box with a big job. A personals profile should tell everyone just what you want as well as show them who you are. This profile is what your potential matches will see on dating websites. Luckily the general rules for profiles are the same on a singles dating website, Christian dating website or married dating website are pretty much the same.

Right off the bat you need two or three nice pictures of yourself taken for your online personals profile. Make the pictures as risque as not as seems right for the particular type of dating website you decide to use. Never place anything you wouuldn't show your mom as your main profile picture. By now you've seen a fair amount a nudity and sexual profile pictures, Don't do that! Put a good clothed picture of you on the front of your profile. Now is when you will want to upload photos into your gallery and set your gallery up to be permission only to view. This will work for you two ways. Having the nice you on the front of yor profile givies everyone an initial good impression of you. And when they have to ask to see more pictures of you it seems special. They need your permission to view the gallery so they need to ask you and wait for a response. Let your pictures be appropriate for the type of site you are on. The types of pictures generally posted on singles dating sites are slightly risque but not blatent. If you are on a Christian dating website you should stick to lots of clothes. But say you are on a cougar website (websites for older women seeking younger men) then your gallery photos might need to be a little risqu©. When the general type of site says casual sex then no one is going to be offended. Go ahead and pull out all the stops. The rules are not the same for men on oilder men seeking younger women sites, guys no pecker pictures. Women have said time and time again that they don't want to open your gallery and see your junk. You can show off your body jjust as well with a picture by the pool. If a women wants to see whats in your pants they will ask you.

This is your opportunity to think about what you desire in a match. This is your opportunity to weed out all the potential mismatches. When you put what you are seeking into your personals profile it clearly tells the world what is important to you. Being too specific isn't neccesary. You may not want to be insistant that they be a big fan of a particular football team. You could just mention enjoying attending sports events on weekends. This tells people what you don't want almost as loudly as it told them what you wanted.

Now put in a description of yourself. Don't use your online personals profile to tell lies. Eventually you are going to meet someone looking for the person you said you were on that profile. Hope that you don't give or recieve anything to far from the profile. Just ask yourself for three nice things to say about yourself. Things like being a fitness nut who loves to jog and hike. Or maybe a scoutmaster for the local boy scouts. Say something short but mentioning the categories that are important to you. This way you won't accidently get stuck in dating hell.

These preferences will also be used by the dating website to attempt to match you with potential mates so be honest. Whatever you do don't make yourself out to be someone you don't want to be. And don't put something in your preferences you aren't really interested in. Now the real fun starts. Reading profiles and meeting potential matches can be fun and give your life some real zing. You will probably have to go out on several dates before you meet someone for a long term relationship so have fun. Your about to try some new things, meet some new people and have an adventure.

Have Big Fun and Good Luck!!

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